Balcony Seduction
Balcony Seduction

Balcony Seduction

Gay video. Time: 14 min

After the grabby awards event in Torremolinos, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was in Spain and did a little tour to Madrid and Barcelona. When in Paris, right? I met Angel at the Grabby event but because the events schedules were so jam packed, we didn't have any time to film some sexy. We met up again in Madrid to make it happen. The scene begins with us both kissing on the balcony passionately. Angels trousers get listened and pulled down very quickly and within moments his great big cock is in my mouth. It took me awhile to realise that we were on a balcony and perhaps people could see me giving Angle a sloppy blowjob. Spain in general is a lot more relaxed about sexual things- they just know how to live! But when I did realise that we were on the balcony I thought I’d take him to the staircase where I could bend over in front of him and take his raw cock like a champ. Angel sucks me until he cums deep inside my sloppy ass.

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