The Local Glory Hole
The Local Glory Hole

The Local Glory Hole

Gay video. Time: 12 min

It's funny because I originally thought that glory holes were just the little holes you find in a sex bar. You know, the ones where you're normally sucking a great big anonymous dick from…. Little did I know, there is a whole bunch of glory hole profiles on . Each of these glory holes claims to be the best glory hole of a particular area in London. Funny how competitive the gays can be, eh? But the beauty behind it is that I have an abundance of glory holes at my disposal that I can use and come up with my own conclusions…So I go to my local glory hole where I stick my Dick through the car so I let him into his job. I cum all over his face and mouth and he swallows my load. He did what he said on the tin- and I didn't even have to say hello.

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