Domination on the Beach
Domination on the Beach

Domination on the Beach

Gay video. Time: 46 min

I met up with the smelly Kinkster in Gran Canaria after speaking on we finally met in person! He’s such a hot muscular daddy with a huge cock. We spent a day together at the beach in Gran Canaria’s famous sand dunes. The sand dunes are Notorious for attracting gay exhibitionist that have bare back sex openly in public. This was the first time I had sex on a Beach and it was beautiful (except for the sand in the wrong places!). I really enjoyed surrendering myself to Smelly Kinkster‘s instructions; I worshipped his cock with a sloppy blowjob- he spits on me a couple times before he pisses in my ass and on my body. Oh, and then we sniffed each other’s stinky socks and jock straps.

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