Surprise Double breeding
Surprise Double breeding

Surprise Double breeding

Gay video. Time: 32 min

This guy, DutchVers-spotted me in a restaurant, I was wearing nothing but a sparkly pair of underwear at the the winter pride festival! When I took him back to my place later that evening, I made sure to feature the sparkly underwear. This guy is so sexy and I love his furry little ass! I don't talk very often, but as soon as I saw his asshole, I just had to spend some time eating the fuck out of it.I fucked him like a slut and came inside his hole. Funnily enough, my housemate had arrived just as I finished breeding him. Of course I told DutchVers to stay in doggy position on the couch to give Max a warm welcome. DutchVers came over for one breeding, but left with two! It was perfect for him to stretches whole before going to the sauna later.

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