Rubberax gets his own back
Rubberax gets his own back

Rubberax gets his own back

Gay video. Time: 25 min

Pierre wanted to get his own back and dominate me this time. We originally met doing a scene for a porn studio and on both occasions he was the passive/bottom. Pierre is actually more of a top and is very kinky. He made his intentions very clear before meeting me for this fuck that he wanted to be on top, to make me worship him. He told me to prepare for a good session. He showed up in his red latex outfit and sexy new hair cut. He was ready to use and use all my holes. I rode his dick just how he wanted and I followed all his instructions, especially for how he wanted his dick sucked. Pierre rewarded me with a juicy thick warm load into my mouth for me to soda. Some of his cum splattered on his body, so of course I licked it all up and swallowed every single drop.

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