Cruising for Dick
Cruising for Dick

Cruising for Dick

Gay video. Time: 24 min

I went for a cheeky little scroll in my local cruising park. It's usually not very busy during the day because people are worried about being seen. I was lucky and found this Hung thick Argentinian guy that was here on holiday and had heard about the rumours in the park. His name is Andreas. I quickly spotted him touching his cock underneath his jeans and immediately moved in towards him. It wasn't long before we decided it was too late and risky to fuck in the daytime at the park, so I convinced him to a short 10 minute walk to my place where I let him do whatever he wanted. He loves them in my heart and I love sucking his big dick cock. He fucked me like a slut and I absolutely loved it! He gave me and Nice Dick juicy load and pushed it deep inside me. It was a very lovely afternoon.

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