How I met Hung Pig
How I met Hung Pig

How I met Hung Pig

Gay video. Time: 7 min

It must have been halfway between lockdown 3.0 in London, and the rules of what we were and where not allowed to do was changing on a daily basis. The gyms and churches were closed whilst the saunas and Health spas were open. Momentarily I was pleased to live in a patriarchal society- as it meant that the heterosexuals wouldn’t a clue of the happenings in a gay health spa 🤣 I arrived and there was a large queue for the entrance. My hole was twitching at the thought of all these horny men are ready to drop their loads in a slutty bottom! I remember at one stage, I was in the main room completely naked offering myself to anyone who wanted, no loads refused. There was around 15-20 guys using and using my holes, cumming and pissing all over and inside me. By the time I looked at the clock, three hours had past! I went to the coffee room to have a little break and let all the semen up my ass settle into my guts (i always keep the loads inside). It was in general chitchat that I met hung pig. We were talking about our slutty lives and sexual stories and it wasn’t long before I mentioned that I have a and I did a bit of porn….And that’s how my first collaboration happened! Hung Pig showed me his profile and asked if we should go to a private cubical so that he could add his load in me and film it for you beautiful people. Here it is, The first time i got seeded by the hung pig...

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