Fuck at First Sight
Fuck at First Sight

Fuck at First Sight

Gay video. Time: 10 min

My good friend Polite London introduced me to this sexy hunk, Angel. His body made my hole loose before I even had a chance to say hi! The chemistry was there right from the get go and we literally fucked within 10 minutes of meeting each other! Darek and Polite London were filming a scene in the main room and we were supposed keep out of sight for them whist they filmed their scene. But us two horny men together couldn’t wait to get started fucking. We started by fucking against the wall at the side of the room, at one stage you will see Darek and Polite London fucking in the corner... At one stage we managed to run into the bathroom so that we could continue fucking more comfortably. As soon as I got into the bathroom I jumped onto the sink area and we kissed passionately. It wasn't too long before I spat on my fingers and lubed up my hole, what's left in my legs above his shoulder. He fucked me hard with my legs in the air. Angel then tells me to stand up and we fuck against the mirror- he really does have a nice big dick- and the point of view video really shows it off! We were fucking right up until Darek and Polite London finished the scene. Angel was desperate to chop his load in my ass and immediately ran into the bed room to breed me asking Polite to London to film it. Is it really hot scene that was filmed almost by accident, and far too good for you to miss out on!

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